Over the past year we pushed out content updates regularly to our Facebook group and our Steam Greenlight page. With these updates the word spread and pushed us to the top 100% granting DOTS the Greenlight badge of approval. Once the game is ready we will be able to release it on the steam platform.

Getting Greenlit was a major boost for the project team and showed there was interest and support for Disciples of the Storm.

Stratus: Battle for the sky is a unique, fast paced Real Time Strategy (RTS) game set in the fantasy world of Sonus where an ancient feud between the deities, known as Tempests, have torn the world apart leaving little more than raging storms below and skies filled with floating remnant of islands where the people of Sonus now live. The four factions of rain, wind, sun and thunder must battle to survive in this harsh climate gathering resources and gain favor from the Tempests.


Game World

Build your temples and workshops to unlock units to wage war on your enemies and capture and offer up enemy high priests to gain favor with the deities.

With a unique bridging mechanic system allows players to deploy networks of bridges to link islands along with a multitude of unique unit types combining elements of Tower Defense meets Tower Offensive gameplay.