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Disciples of the Storm, a 3D, full-scale RTS reboot

Released in 1997, NetStorm: Islands at War was a bridge-building, island-capturing, static-unit warfare RTS. NetStorm broke new ground with its unique combination of Tetris-style puzzle and chess-like game features. PC Gamer gave it a score of 91. C-Net called it “The #1 game of all time that no one ever bought.”

Launch time and promotion issues relegated NetStorm to the fringe of the evolving online gaming frontier where a strong community of enthusiasts has kept it alive for more than 15 years!

Now a talented team of game developers and former NetStorm enthusiasts, working in partnership with the original developers are working to create Disciples of the Storm, a 3D, full-scale RTS reboot and tribute to the original game-play style under a new IP and game world.



Team Vision & Inspiration

Original Art Direction

Our team at Storm Isle Productions is backed by original NetStorm co-creator and founder of Kongregate, Jim Greer. Kongregate is a browser based game hosting site.

Along with Jim, we have NetStorm artist Beverly Garland and 3D modeler Morgan Ogburn for art direction.

Talented Developers

Development work is done by Long Shot Studios, run by one of the developers that has been actively working on Torment: Tides of Numenera over at inXile Entertainment.

Talented Arts Team

Our art production team is further backed by a highly talented and motivated art team at Polywick Studios that have been working with us on production of the new artwork and unit models.


This collective of gaming industry leaders and bold development team envision Disciples of the Storm as not only a rebirth of a classic game-play style but as a strategy game that will continue to expand over time in both physical and dynamic complexity as the team will seek to actively expand and continue development well beyond release with add-ons. A wide range of new building units, weaponry, bridge styles and spells, along with flexibility in play from individual to group, to full-scale guild tournament warfare, promises to make Disciples of the Storm unlike any game currently on the market.