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Disciples of the Storm Features

Ice Cannon

  • New IP, New World: As a top-to-bottom concept reboot, Disciples of the Storm uses a new IP for long-term stability and to avoid confusion with the the old game NetStorm. Disciples of the Storm takes place on an entirely new world with redesigned units, spells and effects.
  • The factions of the Tempest: DOTS features 4 factions with the factions of Wind, Rain, Thunder and Sun. With each side having close to 12 unit types each, along with faction neutral buildings that can be constructed.


  • Fast Paced Game Play: Fast place game play focus on capturing and holding islands and control of paths through islands are vital to victory.


  • Unique Bridging system: DOTS features a unique bridging placement system which allows placement of different bridge types allowing for construction of fully unique bridge networks to support both resource collection and expanding the battle front.


  • Unique use of different static defense and attack units with the ability to be built linked off side of bridge end s allow for construction of both on islands and out over the void of the sky. DOTS attack and defense units although static and does not move each has their own ability and power which gives almost a tower defense meets tower offense mode.


  • Random Map Generation: DOTS feature on the fly map generation for both island generation in island shapes and with placement of islands and resources allowing for each multiplayer game to be unique.


  • Kongregate: The Multi-player user accounts will be hosted through Kongregate Games to support a stable, long-term user base. Kongregate, part of the GameStop Network, is an industry leader offering more than 86,000 free games.