What is DOTS?

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Disciples of the Storm is an innovative Fantasy RTS that steps away from the mainstream RTS genera of games on the market today which often focus on mass producing armies as quickly as possible, DOTS steps back to focus on deployment of networks of bridging to claim territory and construction of defense and offense units to attack and defend.



Players in DOTS take control of a high priest and lead their people to constructing temples and workshops, shrines and altars and constructing of bridge networks across the void of the sky and claiming islands for their people through construction of shrines to secure those islands under their control..

High priests  can channel the power of the tempests and cast spells that can aid attacks in providing protection to friendly units or cast devastating attacks to weaken or change enemy units.

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Bridges: Another key element in Disciples Of The Storm is through the use of bridges as both networks for resource collection but also as the building block of battle fronts, flanking and encircling enemy positions and expanding territory to gain strategic dominance.

A number of games mainly use bridges as choke point or access points on maps, DOTS actively uses bridges and construction of bridge networks as a means of providing placement point hubs from which attack platforms can be built off the ends of bridge sections.

Game World

DOTS weaponry is unique among RTS games. While each unit is stationary and has a specific range, direction of fire, damage, hit points, cost, and special ability. While some units inflict vicious damage and have superior overall capabilities, this does not make them impregnable. Cheaper, less powerful units placed expertly can dismantle larger, more powerful weapons systems if outflanked or in greater number.

Wealth in land or currency, while useful, is ultimately not the key to victory. Like the chess piece King, the High Priest is the linchpin of empire. Lose the priest and you lose all.

Each high priest may construct temples based on their faction’s allegiance to one of four Tempests of Sonus.

Through temples, players gain the ability to construct the first basic resource collectors and bridges to link between islands and expand their territory.